Pete Brown - Manager/Producer/Engineer

Pete started his career at the age of twelve, recording local bands on his Dad’s 8-track Neve set-up! From there he mastered his craft through many years at Londons 'Powerplant Studio' and many other top studios in London/U.K.


  With his sister Sam Brown, Pete produced and performed on the multi platinum selling record 'Stop', and working with an eclectic range of producers (Robin Millar, Mike Hedges, Chris Tsangerides, Mick Glossip and Alan Shacklock) and artists (Courtney Pine, The Specials, George Harrison, Susie And The Banshees, Sade (19), Mark Almond, The Smiths, Everything but the Girl, Diamond Head + many more) Pete has worked on many other successful records.

 Alongside his successful career producing, mixing and mastering in studios Pete has toured the world performing with namely his sister Sam, father Joe Brown andhis own solo/band projects.


Now settled in Oxfordshire with his family Pete finds himself busy as ever performing live, producing and managing Henwood Studios.

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Joe Henwood - Engineer

In 2011 Joe was given the opportunity to design, build and run his own studio, with a vast amount of help from family and friends they opened the doors in 2013.  Joe credits the success of the studio to the combination of using straw bales as insulation (which creates both a beautiful sound and warmth),  blood sweat and tears from a group of passionate friends and keeping musicians creative needs at the core of the studio. After building Henwood Studios Joe alongside Pete Brown has gone on to design and build 2 other private straw studios.

As well as being a regular engineer at the studio, Joe works as a live sound engineer, session saxophonist and performs with his his band Nubiyan Twist.

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Tom Excell - Producer/Engineer

Over the last 10 years Tom Excell has established himself as an eclectic producer of Jazz, World, Reggae, Hip Hop, Folk and Electronic records on labels such as Soundway Records, Tru Thoughts and Easy Star Records to name a few.


He is the composer, producer, guitarist and percussionist for his own projects Nubiyan Twist, Chief Roackas and Onipa as well as producing and composing for many other artists. 


Excell’s productions have made a name for themselves with support from radio DJ’s such as Giles Peterson, David Rodigan, Craig Charls and Huey Morgan, and also critical acclaim from publications such as The Guardian, The independent, Mojo, Clash and Songlines magazine.


Alongside Joe Henwood Tom helped to build and set up Henwood Studios and although he now lives and works in London, Henwood Studios remains his favourite place to produce records. 

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